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Meet rescuer Ayman Shahwan

July 13, 2014

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AR-140719728.jpg&MaxW=960&imageVersion=defaultFor 15 years, Ayman Shahwan has raced his ambulance through the death and destruction of Gaza’s seemingly unending war with Israel.

Braving the threat of air strikes and shelling, he has ferried scores of wounded men, women and children — and presumably fighters — to hospital from the wreckage of bombed-out Gaza homes. Often, he arrives to the grim aftermath of body parts that he must also collect for the authorities to identify.

“Sometimes you think this could be the end of your life. But you have to do this because there is no one else who will,” Mr Shahwan, 42, said during a short break at Gaza City’s Tel Al Hawa neighbourhood ambulance station. (more…)


Meet rescuer Mohamad Shalouf: “I ran like I never did before”

July 13, 2014

12-11-20-09-40-55Mohammad Shallouf. Volunteer Rafah

“The Israeli occupation sows death and PRCS seeds life” by Raed Al Nems

originally posted on the PRCS website

Following a call to rescue a family whose home was bombarded on the 15th of November in Zu’rob neighborhood (South of Rafah, Gaza Strip), Mohamad Shalouf and his colleagues, were faced with a large number of injured Palestinians, mostly children.

Mohamad (27), who has been working as a volunteer with PRCS for the past 3 years, had heard all about the Israeli attack on the Strip back in 2008, but he never thought that he would find himself in the same situation, under Israeli bombardments, having to rescue victims from under the rubble. Not once did he imagine coming to the rescue of an entire family trapped under what remained of its home. (more…)

20/11/12: Gaza Crisis: Paramedics under Pressure

November 20, 2012

AlJazeera Clip: Meet Paramedic Jihad Elotti

2012: A Day in the Life of Rescuer Ibrahim Abu Al Qas, Gaza, Palestine

August 4, 2012


Ibrahim Abu Al Qas (34) has been working with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society for seven years. He describes his motivation for being part of the ambulance team, with the intent to rescue others in often potentially very dangerous situations. He also shares some of his latest experiences in the field… (click to read)

15/03/9: A Medic Writes from Gaza City

March 15, 2010


08/01/09 Paramedic Arafa’s Widow: “too dangerous”

January 8, 2009

Meet Paramedic Abu Jihad, talking about the murder of his partner Arafa 4 days ago during rescue work