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Meet rescuer Ayman Shahwan

July 13, 2014

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AR-140719728.jpg&MaxW=960&imageVersion=defaultFor 15 years, Ayman Shahwan has raced his ambulance through the death and destruction of Gaza’s seemingly unending war with Israel.

Braving the threat of air strikes and shelling, he has ferried scores of wounded men, women and children — and presumably fighters — to hospital from the wreckage of bombed-out Gaza homes. Often, he arrives to the grim aftermath of body parts that he must also collect for the authorities to identify.

“Sometimes you think this could be the end of your life. But you have to do this because there is no one else who will,” Mr Shahwan, 42, said during a short break at Gaza City’s Tel Al Hawa neighbourhood ambulance station. (more…)


Photographs of damage to the Palestine Red Crescent Society EMS center in Jabaliya due to the Israeli shelling on the Gaza Strip

July 10, 2014



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Damage to Red Crescent Society EMS Centre

July 10, 2014
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July 9: Injuries and damages in the Palestinian Red Crescent Society EMS center in Jabaliya due to the Israeli shelling on the Gaza Strip

(Al Bireh – 09/07/2014): During the Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip, a number of shells hit the PRCS EMS center in Jabaliya at 9:30 pm Wednesday night. Nine of the PRCS EMTs and volunteers were slightly injured, while three EMTs suffered from bruises and fractures and were transferred to the PRCS Al Quds hospital in Gaza city. Moreover, three ambulances were completely destroyed and are now out of service and the building itself was damaged
The PRCS center was evacuated and its team and ambulances were transferred to the EMS center in Gaza city from where they will respond to the humanitarian needs of the Palestinians in Jabaliya.


Israel targeted Red Crescent ambulances, injured 3 medics

July 10, 2014

Pictures have emerged that appear to show an injured ambulance worker and damaged Red Crescent ambulances after Israeli air strikes hit land behind the ambulance station in Jabalia, northern Gaza this evening 09/07/2014). 3 injuries have been reported.

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Paramedic and nurse lightly injured by airstrike near Mohammed al-Durrah Hospital

February 23, 2012

extract from PCHR weekly report 16/2 – 22/2/2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

At approximately 02:10, IOF warplanes fired two missiles at a training site used by the Izz Addin al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, in Yafa Street, east of al-Tufah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. As a result, the windows in some of the surrounding houses and establishments, particularly Mohammed al-Durrah Hospital, crushed and locals were in panic. Additionally, 10 Palestinians sustained bruises and were transferred to al-Shifa Hospital for treatment:

1. Alaa Abed Abu Ghneima, 24;

2. Sharihan Uthman Hassan Abdul Al, 23;

3. Nader Ahmd Zaqzouq, 30;

4. Shaima Uthman Abdul Al, 14;

5. Maher Fadhel Ata Allah al-Jammal, 50;

6. Maher Yahya Jamal Khalaf, 40;

7. Mukarram Tawfiq Abdul Salam Hassouna, 54;

8. Asil Radi Abdul Al, 7;

9. Mohammed Ali Mahmoud Lubbad, 22, who is a paramedic of the civil defense service; and

10. Zakariya Said Helles, 21; who is a nurse at Mohammed al-Durrah Hospital and who sustained wounds in the nose as he was hit by glass shrapnel from the crushing windows.

2 paramedics injured in 2 days

April 14, 2011

extracts from PCHR weekly report 7/4 – 13/4/2011:

At approximately 15:00 on Thursday, 07 April 2011, IOF started to bombard several areas throughout the Gaza Strip. The Israeli shelling continued until Saturday morning, 09 April 2011, during which IOF killed 18 Palestinians, including 9 civilians. The civilian victims include a woman and her daughter and two children. IOF also wounded 38 civilians, including 14 children, a woman and two paramedics, and 4 resistance activists.


At approximately 16:00 on Thursday, 07 April 2011, IOF positioned at the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel fired at least 10 artillery shells and IOF helicopter gunships opened fire in the vicinity of Gaza International Airport, southeast of Rafah. A number of shells landed near 3 Palestinian civilians, including a child, who were in the airport. Two of these civilians were killed and the third one died of his wound later:

1. Mohammed ‘Aayada al-Mahmoum, 25;

2. Khaled Isma’il Hamdan al-Dbari, 17; and

3. Saleh Jermi ‘Atiya al-Tarabin, 38.

When a number of civilians attempted to offer help to the wounded, Mos’ab Mohammed ‘Obaid al-Soufi, 20, was killed and 14 others, including 5 children and a paramedic, were wounded. Later, Faten Subhi al-Liddawi, 44, was wounded when she was near her house in al-Salam neighborhood, as IOF warplanes bombarded tunnels along the Egyptian border.


[Friday, 08 April 2011]

At approximately 19:10 on the same day, IOF positioned at border between the Gaza Strip and Israel fired two artillery shells at a gathering of Palestinian civilians near the cemetery of al-Shuja’iya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. As a result, two civilians, including a child, were killed:

1. Mahmoud Wa’el al-Jaru, 10; and

2. Bilal Mohammed al-‘Ar’ir,. 24.

Another 10 civilians, including 4 children and a paramedic, were wounded.

Paramedic among those wounded in Gaza

April 8, 2011

extracts from PCHR´s report: “Israeli Forces Escalate Attacks on the Gaza Strip: Ten Civilians, Including a Woman and Her Daughter, Killed Within 48 Hours

In the last 48 hours, Israeli forces have escalated attacks on the Gaza Strip; intensified artillery shelling and aerial bombardment in populated areas has resulted in the apparent targeting of Palestinian civilians. Ten Palestinian civilians, including a woman and her daughter, and another two children were killed. Four Palestinian fighters have also been killed.

According to primary information made available to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), at approximately 16:00 on Thursday, 07 April 2011, Israeli forces targeted areas surrounding Gaza International Airport; Israeli forces positioned along the border fired approximately 10 artillery shells, while Apache helicopters opened machine gun fire. The Airport is located in the far southeast of Rafah city, in the southern Gaza Strip. A number of the artillery shells landed near three Palestinian civilians who were sitting near the Airport. Two of them were killed immediately and the third civilian died of his wounds on the evening of the same day. The dead are:

1. Mohammed Eyada Eid al-Mahmoum, 25;

2. Khaled Ismail Hamdan al-Dabari; 17;

3. Saleh Jarmi Ateya al-Tarabin, 38, who died of his wounds in Gaza European Hospital in Khan Younis city.

Israeli forces continued to fire as a number of Palestinian civilians attempted to rescue the wounded; Musaab Mohammed Ubeid Sawwaf, 20, was killed and another 14 civilians, including five children and a paramedic from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, were wounded. Medical sources at Martyr Mohammed Yousef al-Najjar in Rafah city described the injuries of a number of the wounded as serious. In the evening of the same day, Faten Subhi al-Ledawi, 44, was wounded in her house in al-Salam neighborhood of Rafah city as Israeli forces continued to target tunnels along the border with Egypt.


Additionally, at approximately 19:10, an arterially shell fell on al-Beltaji Street, opposite to Hettin School in the east of al-Shaja’iyah neighborhood, 200 meters from the border. As a result, two children were killed and 10 more civilians were wounded, including 6 children and a paramedic, Rami Dababesh, who works at Shifa hospital. One of the killed children is identified asMahmoud Wa’el al-Jaro, 10, while the identity of the other is currently uncertain.