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Meet rescuer Ayman Shahwan

July 13, 2014

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AR-140719728.jpg&MaxW=960&imageVersion=defaultFor 15 years, Ayman Shahwan has raced his ambulance through the death and destruction of Gaza’s seemingly unending war with Israel.

Braving the threat of air strikes and shelling, he has ferried scores of wounded men, women and children — and presumably fighters — to hospital from the wreckage of bombed-out Gaza homes. Often, he arrives to the grim aftermath of body parts that he must also collect for the authorities to identify.

“Sometimes you think this could be the end of your life. But you have to do this because there is no one else who will,” Mr Shahwan, 42, said during a short break at Gaza City’s Tel Al Hawa neighbourhood ambulance station. (more…)


Haneyya: Bombing Jordanian hospital a message to Amman

December 1, 2012
[ 01/12/2012 – 01:35 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya condemned targeting civilians, ambulance and media crews and hospitals by the Israeli occupation forces in the recent aggression, considering it a serious violation of all morals and international norms.

Haneyya visited on Friday the Jordanian field hospital which had been directly targeted during the aggression on the Gaza Strip

He said that the missiles, which targeted the hospital, were carrying a message to Jordan mainly to convince Jordanian solidarity activists to leave the Palestinian territories.

Parts of the Jordanian hospital have been destroyed, especially the administrative offices of doctors and nurses.

The Palestinian premier hailed the efforts made by the medical crews in the Jordanian field hospital located in Gaza since the Furqan war, four years ago, and their determination to continue to support the people of Gaza even after bombing the hospital.

He hailed the great cooperation between the Jordanian hospital and the Palestinian ministry of health, noting that the hospital has been working round the clock in the recent aggression, even after being bombed by the IOF.