Endorse Statement of Solidarity

We urge individuals and organisations to sign up to the following Statement of Solidarity, by emailing us with your details. Please take every opportunity to invite other endorsers to this statement. Thanks to our facebook friends you can click here to download it in PDF form and print out, for noticeboards and events and to give your friends.

Statement of Solidarity

As emergency workers worldwide and those who depend on them, we demand on behalf of Palestinian emergency workers:

• Respect for medical workers and international law – International humanitarian law intends to alleviate the suffering caused by war. Explicit protections are granted to medical and relief personnel, and medical facilities. They must be respected and protected, they may not be directly targeted. All Parties to a conflict are required to facilitate the search for the killed and wounded, in order that civilians and persons placed hors de combat (soldiers out of the fight) may be spared unnecessary suffering.

• Accountability and due process – Those responsible for attacks on medical workers must be held accountable. These attacks constitute war crimes and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. They prevent workers from accessing the wounded, and cause the needless death of individuals who might otherwise be saved.

• Lifting the siege – The Israeli imposed siege of the Gaza Strip has now been in place for 22 consecutive months. Israeli policy restricts supplies of essential medicine and equipment, and prevents patients from seeking emergency medical treatment unavailable inside the Gaza Strip. The siege is a form of collective punishment, in violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. It affects each and every one of Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants.

Individuals can make a difference. We urge everyone to use all available mechanisms to advocate for change so that lives may be saved. Boycotts, divestment, sanctions, and political lobbying can be used to great effect. They offer an opportunity to express condemnation, and help create a climate conducive to real political change.

Please endorse this statement by emailing your details to dtr@riseup.net


The Nationwide Trade Union of Medical Rescue Employees (Krajowy Zwiazek Zawodowy Pracownikow Ratownictwa Medycznego) KZZ PRM (read their statement)
Christine Grodd, Australia
Aneta Jerska, Poland
Kathy Clarke


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