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We are borrowing a comment policy from DesertPeace

To quote DesertPeace directly: Comments Are Not Free

The comments on this Blog are locked. I have explained the reasons for this a number of times. Basically it is to avoid… any form of racism including (real) antisemitism…any zionist propaganda … any form of sexism…obscenities of any kind… personal attacks on myself or anyone that comments…

Disagreements are welcome, discussions are welcome, but any of the above will not be published…. so save yourself the time and effort and stop sending them. Call this censorship if you like, call it anything you want… but learn to live with it! Comments are not free on this Blog!


2 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. Farida Choudhury Says:


    I have decided I want to visit Palestine. I currently live in England. I do apologise if I amasking questions a million others have already asked.

    This is new to me, I’m just wondering how I go about going to Palestine. I am very pro Palestine with all the things that are going on at the moment. I am doing what ever I can from England but it doesn’t feel like enough. I am 19, I am a female. My wish is to visit Palestine and to help if I can do so. I’m just not sure how I can go about it. I won’t know what to do when I get there including accommodation and things like that.

    Your help will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Farida Choudhury.

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