Reports and Articles


Corporate Watch Briefing: Besieging Health Services in Gaza – A Profitable Business

Advocating for Palestinian Rights in Conformity with International Law: Guidelines



The Lancet Volume 382, Dec 5, 2013 Special Issue: Research in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 4 This publication brings together a selection of abstracts presented at the 2013 Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance conference on the ‘Health of Palestinians inside and outside the occupied Palestinian territory’, held in Cairo.



The Lancet Volume 380, Oct 1, 2012 Special Issue: Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory In March, 2012, The Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance met in Beirut to report findings about the health status of a people dispersed across refugee camps, occupied territory, and land under violent siege. Here we publish 32 abstracts that were presented at that conference. These abstracts outline an extraordinary picture of Palestinian life.

Barriers to Health Access in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 2011 and 2012: a World Health Organisation Special Report Includes “Access for Ambulances into East Jerusalem” and “Access for Ambulances out of Gaza”


Disappearing Palestine Map 2010

Palestinian Red Crescent Society: Humanitarian Duty Report 2009

Defend the Rescuers Factsheet 2009

* a two page referenced summary of attacks on Palestinian Rescuers from 2000 to 2009


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