West Bank Overview

“Death to the Arabs!” – Graffiti sprayed by settlers on a Palestinian ambulance in Dir Astiyeh, Salfit District, the central West Bank. Photo: Ra’aed Moqdi, B’Tselem, 4 December 2008. (From Laurence of Arabia’s blog.)

The targetting of medics by Israel is Palestine-wide. Due to the recent attacks on Gaza and the experience of people creating this blog, we are beginning with a Gaza focus. However we welcome any contributions from those who could provide West Bank focused information – please contact us!

In the meantime, please see the Palestine Red Crescent Society for more info about the West Bank.

Stories from the West Bank:

26/03/11 Jewish Midwife explores Birth in the West Bank

29/10/09, Ma’an News: Settlers Obstruct Firefighters

01/09/09, Ma’an News: 15 Year Old Boy Killed, 3 Medics Injured

17/05/2006, International Solidarity Movement: “Medical Workers Targetted by Israeli Army in Raid in Nablus”


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