Words & footage from the frontline

August 31st 09: UK Film Premiere

On August 31st Bank Holiday Monday, London, at the Climate Camp, activists just back from Gaza will introduce the UK Premiere of Erased: Wipe off the Map(2009), a documentary film by Alberto Arce, about Israel’s operation ‘Cast Lead’ in Gaza, January 2009.

Alberto was one of the internationals who accompanied emergency workers in Palestinian ambulances during Israel’s recent attacks, known as Operation Cast Lead. You can see an 8 minute preview of the film here. The Climate Camp’s location will be announced in the next few days – visit the Climate Camp website to find out its London location…

August 31st, 4.30pm, at the London Climate Camp

A documentary on the recent attack in Gaza. The film begins with the entry of the fifth and last Free Gaza Movement boat to make it to Gaza before covering the impact of the siege and harrowing events during the 22-day assault including attacks on Civil Defence centres, paramedics, children, and the UN HQ.

This will be followed by a discussion with activists from the Free Gaza movement/International Solidarity Movement

Comment from Justin, Sept 16, 2009:

“I was at the premier, and there is some powerful and distressing footage in the film. The bravery of Palestinian paramedics comes across clearly, and there is a shocking scene where one of them is shown being shot after getting out of a marked ambulance to go an retrieve a body off the street. The footage of John Ging, UNRWA’s Director, immediately after the Israeli bombing of UNRWA’s headquarters is also powerful – he’s an eloquent and steady man, but was on the verge of exploding as he watched UNRWA’s vital relief stores go up in flame.”

Red Crescent Workers rescue 12 year old girl under fire, Jan 15, 2009

The above video shows Gaza City Red Crescent workers and volunteers rescuing 12 year old Yasmeen Al Batran, on the morning of January 15, 2009. She has just seen her nine year old sister Haneen shot in the face and abdomen, and her dad shot in the leg and abdomen, as the family fled from their Tel Al Howa apartment to Al Quds hospital in the hope of surviving the Israeli bombardment of residential buildings. The footage was taken by an international volunteer who referred to this event at www.talestotell.wordpress.com.

Against International Law, Israel had not permitted any rescuing of any injured civilians or evacuation of anyone in the bombarded area, so minutes before this footage was taken, the Red Crescent workers and volunteers decided to go into the street to accompany those fleeing to the hospital under sniper fire, without Israeli permission and therefore without any protection.

Medic Hassan Al Attal shot in the leg by Israeli sniper while working in Jabalia, Jan 7,2009

Full story here


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