Civil Defence

Civil Defense Stations in Gaza

Before Operation Cast Lead, the Palestinian Civil Defence had 16 bases throughout Gaza, shown above.  Click here for a  Report of Civil Defence Centres’ Physical Damage (Buildings and Vehicles ) 27/12/2008 – 18/01/2009

The Palestinian Civil Defence (run by the state) run:

• Fire services
• Rescue services
• Ambulance and emergency services
• Maritime emergency search and rescue services
• Protection and safety services.

They are one of the three main providers of ambulance services, the other two being the Ministry of Health and the Palestinian Red Crescent Service.  The Palestinian Civil Defence Centres have ambulance stations  throughout the Gaza strip. The mission of their staff is to:

• provide ambulance services related to the functions of the Civil Defence.

•join the fire and rescue crews during the coverage of events.

•coordinate and cooperate with other ambulance crews to cover events and major crises.

•organize dissemination programs to raise the public awareness of the first aid through various training courses.

The emergency medical services include about 80 employees working as doctors, nurses,EMT-B, and ambulance drivers.

The above information is from a statement by the Palestinian National Authority’s Ministry of Interior: Civil Defence Directorate, circa 2010.

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