DTR Aims

People using the Defend the Rescuers banner aim to:

1. Raise awareness about the reality of life as a medical/emergency worker in Palestine, initially with a focus on the recent Israeli attack on Gaza and the targeting of and obstruction of emergency workers during this attack. We strive to co-operate with related professional bodies around the world to advocate for an enforcement of international law with regards to protecting emergency workers and the injured. We also aim to raise the profile of emergency work and the risks and attacks faced by emergency workers in Palestine, so that emergency access and emergency workers are remembered at every possible demonstration, event or initiative related to Palestine solidarity activism.

2. Push for Accountability not just via our governments, but via the Boycott/Sanction/Divestment movement, and via Trade Unions and other relevant organisations worldwide. We believe that Israel has broken International Law and prosecutions and due judicial process should

3. Advocate for and actively defend the right of emergency workers to access those in need, and to be protected under international law at all times whether at professional, legal, governmental or grassroots levels. This may include lobbying, demonstration, and direct action such as accompanying Palestinians while they work.


2 Responses to “DTR Aims”

  1. Louma Says:

    I want to sign up and volunteer to go to Palestine and help in the volunteer camps in gaze. Help. How do I get started

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