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Before we travelled to Gaza we decided to ask friends and colleagues for donations so we could take some medical kit with us. We were hoping for a few hundred pounds, so we were really surprised and excited to raise about £2000! Thank you so much to everyone that donated, including friends of friends who don’t know us but read our call out. It was amazing to be able to revise our planned donations to include more kit, better quality equipment and more expensive models that are designed to be reused (which we know they will be).

Here is everything we bought!

Complete kit

Everything we bought

We decided to take four complete first response kits to donate to the ambulance services here. As paramedics we had a fairly informed idea of what would make a decent kit, and we tried to tailor it to the needs and skill levels of crews here. We left out paramedic specific equipment and added extra trauma supplies. We also put in extra shears, stethoscopes, torches and pentorches for the crews.

donations - low res

First response kit, one of four. Click to enlarge

We filled the rest of the space with general hospital donations. It was hard to find an up to date list of shortages so we looked at what was mentioned in recent reports and also found an official list from a couple of years ago – the shortages here are so widespread that nearly everything is needed. We ended up taking suction tubing, suction stylets, intramuscular needles, Magills forceps, extra stethoscopes, paediatric and adult ET tubes,  extra airway equipment and as many sutures as we could afford.

The trusty blue bags waiting at Rafah

We also both brought a personal first response kit, which will be left here. Most of the kit has now been donated, with just one first response kit waiting to be taken. They seem to have been well received, and I feel like we chose the equipment pretty thoughtfully. There are big issues here of inappropriate donations (such as malaria medication, which isn’t needed) and also donations of out of date or short dated equipment. Although the equipment we brought was really a drop in the ocean and as much a gesture of goodwill as a serious help, I hope that it will all be used. Many thanks again to everyone who donated money for this equipment. We also used some of the money to make a donation to the Palestine Trauma Centre, and we have saved a small amount to cover training costs in the next few weeks.

Additional thanks to Dr Phil for his trauma doctor opinions during the kit planning, and to Dr Jill for forwarding the call out to many generous medics.You can still donate via Paypal if you click here. This money will contribute towards training and translation costs.


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