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Paramedic and nurse lightly injured by airstrike near Mohammed al-Durrah Hospital

February 23, 2012

extract from PCHR weekly report 16/2 – 22/2/2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

At approximately 02:10, IOF warplanes fired two missiles at a training site used by the Izz Addin al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, in Yafa Street, east of al-Tufah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. As a result, the windows in some of the surrounding houses and establishments, particularly Mohammed al-Durrah Hospital, crushed and locals were in panic. Additionally, 10 Palestinians sustained bruises and were transferred to al-Shifa Hospital for treatment:

1. Alaa Abed Abu Ghneima, 24;

2. Sharihan Uthman Hassan Abdul Al, 23;

3. Nader Ahmd Zaqzouq, 30;

4. Shaima Uthman Abdul Al, 14;

5. Maher Fadhel Ata Allah al-Jammal, 50;

6. Maher Yahya Jamal Khalaf, 40;

7. Mukarram Tawfiq Abdul Salam Hassouna, 54;

8. Asil Radi Abdul Al, 7;

9. Mohammed Ali Mahmoud Lubbad, 22, who is a paramedic of the civil defense service; and

10. Zakariya Said Helles, 21; who is a nurse at Mohammed al-Durrah Hospital and who sustained wounds in the nose as he was hit by glass shrapnel from the crushing windows.