15/03/9: A Medic Writes from Gaza City

A Red Crescent medic writes from Gaza City

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The other evening when I was spending some hours with Gaza City ambulance night shift, after I practiced inserting a cannula in his arm and made him bleed everywhere, medic A gave me this piece of writing…

by A, Emergency Medical Technician (10 years)

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful…It was December 27th 2009 when Gaza Strip was subjected to a massive air attack by the Israeli air force. A week later, the Israelis started a massive ground offensive. During those repulsive and dreadful days they destroyed all green fields, destroyed residential areas, and spread havoc all over the place.

After that mad war that claimed the lives of about 1400 people and injured other thousands, it was horrendous to anyone to see the size of the huge ruin and destruction in the areas where the Israeli forces entered. For 23 days life was unbelievably horrible. It was one of the worst times that I witnessed in my entire life. It was frightening, horrible, and ugly in all possible ways.

Mass murder is a crime under international law. It was committed by the Israeli forces in Gaza. They massacred hundreds of women and children, and even the aged and handicapped people lost under the rubble of their homes.

The Israeli soldiers executed a number of men, women, and children right away in the field, and in front of their families, without any questioning or accusation, but simply because they were Palestinians.

I think the foreign medical teams who arrived at Gaza via Rafah border crossing to support the Palestinian people in their plight, also expressed their shock due to what they saw in Gaza hospitals.

Wounds and injuries resulting from the very strange kind of weapons surprised everyone, even doctors who served in civil war areas in Rwanda, Africa. Israel committed genocide against the Palestinians.

If I were not an eyewitness, I would not have believed the horrible scenes of dead people, and the massive number of the injured! I rushed to the hospital to help my colleagues at nursing. I went through really unusual experiences that I never thought about before. The most horrible scene was that of the injured people from the white phosphorous bombs dropped from the air at the Palestinian residential areas. They destroyed any body part they touched.

It was so sad that I lost fourteen of my colleagues during the war; most of them were killed while they were trying to save the lives of others. I am still unable to believe that they are gone forever.

By the end of the war, I started having bad dreams and nightmares. I still have very bad memories that I may need long years to heal from, and this is also the situation of many other colleagues like myself.


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