Join Health Care tour of West Bank, Nov 2010

Dr Ruchama Marton, Founder of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about health care in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Receive analysis from courageous Palestinians and Israelis who recognize the dignity of every human being and seek the end of the Occupation with a just and sustainable peace for people on both sides of the divide.

“I felt it an immense privilege to go on this trip which is meticulously organized and for me was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
Dr Alison Payne, Coventry – November 09

During our journey you will:

§ visit Palestinian hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres and teaching establishments

§ have the opportunity to compare treatment offered to Israelis and Palestinians.

§ meet key leaders and specialists from a variety of organisations who have dedicated their lives to help shape a better world.

§ hear stories from the local people and be challenged and inspired.

§ stay in Bethlehem and East Jerusalem hotels and travel to the surrounding locality as well as to Hebron, Ramallah, Jaffa and Palestinian villages.

The humanitarian element to the tour will enable clinicians to give donations to the organisations visited.

“It is always possible to comment on political situations in distant places but to do so with conviction needs an opportunity to come face to face with the realities of everyday life, and to meet people on both sides of the conflict. This tour enabled me to do just that with regard to the health care situation in the Occupied Territories”
Prof John Yudkin, London – November 2008

The tour is being coordinated with Physicians for Human Rights – Israel, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, the International Medical Educational Trust 2000 and British Doctors for Palestine. It is administered by Experience Travel Tours.

Cost per person for the full tour programme inclusive of accommodation at good three star hotels, half board (bed, breakfast and evening meal), sharing a twin-bedded room with ensuite facilities, tour guides and tips is £750. Not included: flights, lunches, insurance, supplement for single room £150.

For more information call 00 44 (0)1367 244 636 or email fay AT

Established in 1999, Experience Travel Tours specialises in issue-based tours taking you to places you would not otherwise see, helping you understand the nature of the Occupation and what must be done to achieve a just peace in Israel and Palestine.

Experience Travel Tours, PO Box 539, Dorking, Surrey RH4 9FU, England


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