Download Gaza film for Jan 18 global screening

January 18 will be a Global Screening Day for Alberto Arce and Mohammed Rujailah’s film, covering the international presence in Gaza under the Dec/Jan attack, including what the emergency workers faced. It’s called “To Shoot An Elephant” and is their own editing of their footage that became the film “Erased: Wiped off the Map” about the attacks on Gaza.

Here follows Alberto’s and Moh’s Screening Announcement –it’s not too late to join in and screen the film yourself in your town, just visit, where you can also see the English trailer. Since you can download it, your screening could even just be held in your own living room on January 18.


The “To shoot an elephant” team calls for a Global Screening/Global Screaming Day for Gaza on January 18th, 2010…

The 18th of January 2010 is the first anniversary of the end to the bombing by Israel of the Gaza Strip; an attack which began on the 27th of December 2008, and lasted until the 18th of January 2009, and in which 1,412 Palestinians lost their lives. The documentary To Shoot an Elephant is an eye witness account from within the Gaza Strip of what occurred during those days. This direct and privileged narration becomes a tool with which we can confront the Israeli propaganda about what really happened there and the silence of the international community.

For its value as a testimony of the civilian population, To shoot an elephant has become a legitimate account which tells of what really happened there. It is an irreplaceable image of what the mass media tries to hide, an exceptional soundtrack to be listened to by those who live under Zionist control… Fragments of reality showing what life is like inside a war where there is no possibility of escape.

Open source video-Open source screening

As well as its narrative and informative value, To shoot an elephant is an example of a collective, autonomous and horizontal effort, which aims to innovate the methods and ways in which audiovisual projects are carried out, as much in its production process as in its distribution and diffusion. By opting, with deliberation, for the collective work process and Creative Commons licensing our aim is for the documentary to overcome the limits of those who produce it, and that it becomes the material of those who view it.

From the To Shoot an Elephant team we are calling on any individual, group or collective to organise a screening on the 18th of January 2010; it doesn’t matter where, at what time, or in what way it is done, the only condition being, that there is no charge or entry fee. Be it in a town square, a cinema, a theatre, cultural centre, school or college, the headquarters of a collective, social centre, squat centre…

We are calling it a Global Screening and our wish is for it to become a global event, not only on the Net but also on a local level; and for it to become a reality in the form of antagonistic communication, and therefore constitute a victory over the existing international silence. And in so doing become a fundamental element of the networks and the diffusion of ideas.

The proposition of this Global Screening is for it to be a political event which commemorates last year’sbombing, but also serves as an impulse for audiovisual material to be used as a tool for the sharing of information. So, the achievement of having it screened in as many places as possible will allow the documentary’s discourse and the spreading of its message to become of a major significance as a consequence.

How to obtain the film?

The documentary can be obtained in two ways: the purchase of the DVD through the website or by sending an email to We recommend that you place your orders as soon as possible so that all the copies can arrive to their destinations on time. Also, it is available in Torrent through a link on the website.

As well as the audiovisual content, all kinds of promotional material will also be made available on the documentary’s website for use by whoever needs it (posters, flyers, postcards…) and specific promotional material of the screening for web use, such as banners and blank posters.

Continuing with the initial philosophy of this project, we are asking for a certain response in the form of communication and diffusion of what takes place at the screenings, what is discussed and debated as a result of this event. With this in mind, we will open a direct line of communication on the web, so that all this information can be made available… And through its sharing, result in everyone feeling part of a larger collective force.

Global screening, global screaming

If the delicate beating of a butterfly’s wings can produce a hurricane, then these audiovisual whisperings could move those around us and help undermine the foundations of the Israeli Wall. This is what we are hoping from this Global Screening and for those of us who participate in it. The more people who participate, the greater the possibilities that our collective screams penetrate the thick silence that cloaks the endless nights of Gaza.

We want to see you, hear you and read about you all on the 18th of January.


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