Operation Cast Lead Archives

The Guardian Newspaper Gaza War Crimes Investigation, 23/03/09:

Amnesty International, 28/01/09: Attacks on Ambulance Workers in Gaza

Amnesty International, 20/01/09: “Israeli tanks crushed ambulances to make roadblocks”

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 27/12/08-13/01/09: War on the Wounded-human rights violations perpetrated against Palestinian medical personnel in the Gaza Strip Also available as pdf

Ma’a News, 16/01/09: Still Breathing: A Report from Gaza

Ma’an News, 13/01/09: We could hear their bodies burning: Testimonies raise fears over chemical weapons

Ma’an News, 12/01/09: Twenty killed by early evening Monday

Electronic Intifada, 12/01/09: Israel is targetting medics

AlJazeera Video Report, 08/01/09: Paramedics Risking Their Lives Amid War in Gaza:

International Solidarity Movement, 07/01/09: Israeli continues to target Palestinian medics in Gaza

International Solidarity Movement, 05/01/09: Interview with Alberto Arce regarding the Israeli attacks on Palestinian medical personel

International Solidarity Movement, 05/01/09: Israeli shells damage Al Awda hospital, Jabalia

International Solidarity Movement, 04/01/09: Four medics killed by Israeli forces in Gaza

International Solidarity Movement, 03/01/09: International human rights activists now working with medical teams in Northern Gaza as Israel launches invasion of Gaza Strip

International Solidarity Movement, 01/01/09: Human rights activists to accompany medical teams in Gaza


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