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July 30, 2009

International Solidarity Movement, 06/04/09: Israeli forces fire shells towards ambulance


Operation Cast Lead Archives

July 15, 2009

The Guardian Newspaper Gaza War Crimes Investigation, 23/03/09:

Amnesty International, 28/01/09: Attacks on Ambulance Workers in Gaza

Amnesty International, 20/01/09: “Israeli tanks crushed ambulances to make roadblocks”

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, 27/12/08-13/01/09: War on the Wounded-human rights violations perpetrated against Palestinian medical personnel in the Gaza Strip Also available as pdf

Ma’a News, 16/01/09: Still Breathing: A Report from Gaza

Ma’an News, 13/01/09: We could hear their bodies burning: Testimonies raise fears over chemical weapons

Ma’an News, 12/01/09: Twenty killed by early evening Monday

Electronic Intifada, 12/01/09: Israel is targetting medics

AlJazeera Video Report, 08/01/09: Paramedics Risking Their Lives Amid War in Gaza:

International Solidarity Movement, 07/01/09: Israeli continues to target Palestinian medics in Gaza

International Solidarity Movement, 05/01/09: Interview with Alberto Arce regarding the Israeli attacks on Palestinian medical personel

International Solidarity Movement, 05/01/09: Israeli shells damage Al Awda hospital, Jabalia

International Solidarity Movement, 04/01/09: Four medics killed by Israeli forces in Gaza

International Solidarity Movement, 03/01/09: International human rights activists now working with medical teams in Northern Gaza as Israel launches invasion of Gaza Strip

International Solidarity Movement, 01/01/09: Human rights activists to accompany medical teams in Gaza


July 11, 2009

This blog is under construction, as is this campaign. The idea for it started when a small group of internationals began riding with Gaza ambulances during Israel’s Dec 08/Jan 09 attacks on Gaza, in response to the deliberate targeting of medics by Israel. After the attacks, in which 16 of their colleagues were killed and 57 were injured, a cross section of emergency workers from a variety of Gaza organisations met and decided to send out a call for international solidarity, in the hope they may never again have to face similar illegal and devastating violence as they go about their work.

So far our numbers are small. So, we invite you to join us, whether you choose to lobby your politicians, to hold events to fundraise for emergency equipment, to twin your rescue/medical organisation with one in Palestine, to host a talk or event about Palestine in general or emergency work in particular, to offer training or trauma support whether at a distance or on the ground, or to travel to Palestine yourself to document and resist violence against emergency workers. You can also help expand, manage, and update this blog!

In the meantime, you can see what medics face in Gaza in the above short film, “One of…” made by Emad Badwan, which won the 2009 World Health Day Short Film Competition. It features footage taken by Alberto Arce (Spain) of the shooting of medic Hassan, with a voice over by Eva Bartlett(Canada), two of the internationals from the International Solidarity Movement, who rode with the ambulances.

“One Of” asks us the question – What if it was “one of” your family that needed emergency help, or whose work it was to try to deliver this help? This is 22 days telescoped into a few minutes. This is what we witnessed.